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Ajax and Pickering Limo Services

Ajax-Pickering Limo services provide convenient, affordable and hassle-free door-to-door service to and from major airports in Toronto. As such, travelers avoid having to wait for public transport or ordinary taxis and instead travel aboard the luxurious limos. Aboard the limo, travelers have enough room to relax and the privacy needed to make business-related calls. The limos are driven by professional chauffeurs who not only know the importance of keeping time while picking or dropping off clients.

The Ajax-Pickering limo services that are a combination of good customer service, experienced chauffeurs, good rates and good spacious vehicles. There are times when clients are better off considering the Ajax-Pickering limos. Such times include during special occasions such as weddings, graduation, sightseeing tours, prom parties and corporate events that need comfortable means of transport. During such moments, people prefer renting cars rather than driving their ordinary cars. This allows one an easy travel since one has does not have to worry about car maintenance, packing and paying the packing fees especially when one needs to travel oversees.

The Ajax-Pickering Limo services have a range of limousines that a client’s choose according to their preferences and needs. A bus limo, which carries up to 20 passengers is available for corporate or groups events, while single travelers can comfortably travel in the cars that specially designed to accommodate a maximum of two travelers. Other considerations that the Ajax-Pickering limos have made include different colors that their clients may prefer. These limos provide security features and interior luxuries such as entertainment and bars.

An extension of the Ajax-Pickering limo services includes courteous staff that includes reservation agents, chauffeurs and dispatchers. The reservation agents are well trained in customer services. This ensures that they are able handle all customer questions accurately and truthfully. The chauffeurs on the other hand are well trained to give guests safe, comfortable and stylish travel. They help the travelers with loading and unloading luggage and are responsible for ensuring that the limo is on time to pick up and drop-off the traveler in good time. To complete the professional picture, limo chauffeurs in the Ajax-Pickering limos dress in formal and neat clothes.

The Ajax-Pickering limo service are available to all clients on a 24/7 basis. As such, all one needs to do is call to make the reservation. Confirmation about the reservations is made through phone calls, emails or fax depending on what a client considers more appropriate. For people traveling with children, the limo service provides child seats at no additional charges.

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