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Aurora Limo and Party Bus Service

Travel with the most professional transport, the Aurora Limo, with style. You may trade their first class quality service for a little price. So, you have an option to celebrate your family events like Mother’s/Dad’s Day, Night out, Valentine’s Day, birthday or anniversaries, etc. in the most special and memorable manner via our specialized staff. You may trust our drivers for their professional attitude and behavior. They are really good enough to be a good friend of yours through their help and guidance for the entire time with you. They are very sensitive towards your needs and know how to respond to them with diligence.  With them, you are always in caring hands.

In a city like Aurora, where life is busy with business activities, only a limo is required. Only Aurora Limo Service knows how to take care of these matters and what it takes to make corporate sector to be successful. The outlook of the corporate cars, stretches and buses is very glamorous and their presence, efficient service and smooth ride makes a lot of difference in a business person’s or professional’s life. In fact, it solves all the problems. This way, it provides a busy working person like you with the opportunity to get all kind of backing from Aurora Limo service for his/her work.

Aurora limo service not only provides a lavish service to anyone but also gives support with grace. These days, it’s not only a luxurious service but also a status symbol that speaks for you in public and boasts your efficiency and self-confidence.

Now-a-days, it is really very easy to hire a limo at negligible rates in comparison to what quality services it provides. One can rent the facility of Aurora Limo at hourly basis or pay according to mileage. So, give us a call to come running to your doorsteps and stand by your side for your transportation desires without bothering you in terms of finances.

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    Wedding Limo Packages

    Please contact our customer service representatives to get the affordable wedding limo packages.

    GPS Tracking

    In order to provide you the best limousine experience, we track all of our limousines and party buses.

    Bonuses for ride

    For our returning customers we also offer the bonuses for ride. This includes all the corporate and airport clients.


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