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Toronto is a traveller’s paradise. The huge range of touristic attractions that would satisfy every sort of a tourist should definitely make it one of the unique and best options that you would want to go with. But, how about visiting the intrinsic and lesser-known locations in Toronto? The insider’s guide to the versatile city should definitely make it a truly exciting option in every sense that you can think of.

When is the best time to visit Toronto?

Canada is not only about snow and cold weather. However, the city does offer you a host of attractions and can be a great time to visit in spring, summer and fall alike. In case you are not comfortable with winter, these may be the best season to visit Toronto.

July and August would be the warmest months to visit the city. Summer can definitely be a great time of the year to explore Toronto as the city dwellers find it a great option to enjoy the summer to its fullest. The busy patios, festivals and other attractions during summer makes the city come lively.

Where to eat in Toronto?

When it comes to eating out, Toronto does provide you access to a huge number of attractions.

Bugigattolo Kitchen

Located in in Liberty Village, the hotel is one of the unique options that you would find quite exciting and unique in every possible way. The restaurant is known for serving the best and authentic Italian dishes in Toronto. The venue would provide you access to a modern feel with the friendly environs. You can even opt for outdoor seating if the weather permits.

Bar Reyna

This is the Mediterranean restaurant that should find provide you one of the unique experiences in this tourist’s paradise. Located inside a cool Victorian house, the restaurant is blessed with friendly and energetic staff. A great Mediterranean style cooking should provide you a unique experience ever in every aspect.

What to do in Toronto?

Well, Toronto has a lot for you to enjoy and explore. Simply hire a limo service in Toronto and go on exploring the city. Some of the attractions that you would find quite interesting can include

limo service toronto
  • A visit to the CN Tower – The observation decks of the tower should be a unique experience by almost every count. The option to peer upon the entire city through a glass door can indeed prove to be a great option by almost every respect.
  • Explore a show at the Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre Centre – The unique vaudeville-era double-decker theatre, it should provide you access to a host of film screenings, concerts, dance shows, fashion shows, fundraisers, comedy and lecture series.
  • Check out the craft beer in one of Toronto’s breweries – Taking a visit to the nearby craft beer venue can be one of the excellent options that you would find much impressive. You will find the experience unique when compared to the typical pilsners and lagers.

Well, that is just a small look at what Toronto can offer you. Understanding the city isn’t that easy and simple, and you need to be in the city once to find what it has on offer for you. In any case, the discussion here should help you get initiated into planning a visit to the city.

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