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We all know Toronto is one of the best destinations in Canada for a truly rewarding tour. We are all aware of the excellent destinations in and around Toronto and you would indeed be looking ahead for the wonderful experience ever. However, are you aware of a few of the cool facts about a few iconic destinations in Toronto? Let us explore the prime cool facts about a few destinations and locations in Toronto.

The CN Tower can withstand all types of the weathers

The CN Tower is a great landmark in Toronto and is known for providing you access to a great view of the city around. Being the largest structures in the city, you would definitely expect it to face the lightening. Despite the fact that it is stuck around 70 to 80 times per year, it would be a great option in the long run. It does handle all types of weathers capably.

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada has 12 Sharks

The Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada comes with an excellent set of options. It comes with an impressive house with 12 sharks. They are only fed three times a week. The sharks have a very slow metabolism, and that is exactly why it is a good option to help you in feeding them slowly enough.

The Royal Ontario Museum has Martian meteorites

The Royal Ontario Museum can be what would make it one of the excellent options that you would find all the more unique. Are you wondering whether there is life on Mars? You can have access to ates back to the Martian Meteorites (or space rocks) that you would find quite interesting. You will have access to over 100 different meteorites that can be quite interesting.

The Art Gallery of Ontario has the most popular pieces of Canada

There are several pieces that the Art Gallery of Ontario that makes it all the more interesting. The most popular acquisitions that you would find much interesting can include Henry Moore’s Large Two Forms. It has been considered to be the most photographed works of art in Canada. You will find the pieces available at the rear, in Grange Park.

Toronto limo service

The Toronto Islands have the oldest lighthouse ever

The Lighthouse that you can find at the Toronto Islands is around 200 year old. That should make it one of the excellent and formidable choices when it comes to the most monumental piece of art. The Gibraltar Point Beach Lighthouse dates back to 1809. It is also supposed to be haunted by its first keeper, John Paul Radelmüller.

Well, those were just a few of the cool facts that you would want to know about the most preferred destinations in an around Toronto. You can definitely find it a truly great experience that you would find all the more interesting and unique. The best options that you would find much interesting and unique can include hiring the right transportation option. We would recommend opting for the best Toronto Limo for enjoying a great degree of experience.

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