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If you’re interested in hiring a Toronto Limo service, there are several things to keep in mind before you make your final decision. When researching limo companies, there are some characteristics that you should pay close attention to. How many years have they been in business? How many cars do they have available? What kinds of amenities come with their services? It’s important to get answers to these questions and more before deciding on which company to hire! Below are top tips on how to choose the right Toronto Limo company for your transportation needs!

Do Your Research

Research different companies and ask questions such as: How long have they been in business? Can you talk to references? What types of vehicles do they have (limos, buses, sedans, etc.)? Will they pick you up at your location or do you need to meet them at another location. Do they operate 24 hours a day? Do they offer airport service? You get my point…Ask as many questions as you can think of that will help make your decision easier for choosing which company is best for you. Yes, it does cost money, but in order for these companies to stay in business and keep providing great service, they need customers just like yourself.

Special Packages

Do they offer special packages? You can save money with these, but be sure to look at everything that is included and remember that additional costs like parking or gratuity might not be included.

Call For Quotes

Check out at least three companies in person before deciding on one. Companies may try to tell you that they are more expensive because of their luxurious vehicles, but unless it is an absolute necessity, please don’t fall for it as there are many budget-friendly options available as well.

Look At Reviews

Google and Yelp reviews, along with recommendations from friends and colleagues, are some of your best sources for finding out which companies are legit. Reviews can also provide great insight into how different companies conduct business. Just be sure you’re paying attention to what others say about service quality and price, not just about the cars themselves; if people talk about feeling scammed or ripped off by pricing or confusing booking procedures, it might be time to move on.

Insurance Information

It’s a given that you need insurance, but make sure you know what types of coverage will be provided by your rental service. You don’t want your night going up in flames before it even begins because your limo provider doesn’t have proper fire, theft and liability insurance! Don’t assume they have it just because they are supposed to. Ask for proof of insurance and also get written confirmation from them stating exactly what is covered.

Their Experience

Ask how long they have been in business. In most cases, you want to hire Toronto Limo company that is experienced and well-respected in their field. Someone who has been around for years may be able to offer you more benefits than an upstart service that’s just starting out. Ask about their best clients, too; you want your transportation service provider working with people they’ve handled before so they can build up their experience working with clients like yours.

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Their Fleet

When comparing Toronto Limo companies, it’s important to look at their fleet. The type of vehicle they offer is going to say a lot about their business and how much attention they put into customer service. If your needs are pretty straightforward, like transporting clients from an airport or hotel, it doesn’t really matter if they use newer cars. However, if you need an elaborate setup for your next corporate event or you have specific clientele in mind (like high-profile athletes), make sure their fleet accommodates that level of service.

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