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Finding the right Limo Service Toronto can be hard to do, especially when you don’t know what you’re looking for and when you don’t know where to start searching. The process of finding limousine service is even more difficult if you are in a hurry and need one fast, such as in preparation for your next event, or you want an exclusive rental that isn’t available to the general public. To make things easier on yourself, follow these steps on how to find Limo Service Toronto for your next event.

Know Your Transportation Needs

Know your transportation needs so you can find a Limo Service Toronto that can provide you with what you need. A small group is perfect for when there are only two or three people, but if you have a larger group then make sure to call at least one week in advance. To avoid extra charges make sure there is room in your budget beforehand. If it’s possible have all of your passengers meet at one location prior to leaving so that each person doesn’t have different pickup points. This way you won’t be charged any additional fees.

Set Up A Consultation

Setting up a consultation with your local limo service gives you a chance to chat with them about what they offer, whether they can accommodate your event, and which rides are best. In some cases, having a conversation in person is even better than talking on the phone—you can ask questions face-to-face, get an accurate picture of their personality and experience, and check out what type of office they run. It’s important that you have rapport with your provider and you feel comfortable going into business with them. Plus, when you book in person, it’s likely that you’ll walk away with a more affordable quote than over email or through a call center representative.

Compare The Quotes

You’ll want to ask each limo company the same questions and compare the quotes you receive. How much does the limo cost? Who is responsible for gratuity? Is it mandatory? What’s included in the quote? If you’re going out of town, what are your other transportation options (airport, train station pick-up)? Are there any hidden costs or additional fees that could raise your total cost? Do you have access to a company car and driver if necessary (not provided by all companies)?

Read Reviews Online

Before you book with a particular company, it’s always smart to check out reviews online. But don’t just read one or two—that would be too easy. Check out at least five or 10 reviews from different sources, like sites that rank and review limo companies. You’ll want to make sure every person who has reviewed a company you are interested in has had a positive experience. A few negative reviews might not mean much on their own, but if there are several of them from various sources (and they all seem credible), it might be wise to look at another provider.

limousine services toronto

Get Recommendations From Friends

It is best to ask your friends who have previously had services to see what they think. Make sure you get references, contact those people and check out their level of satisfaction. Be sure that they are not just saying good things about a company because they were hired as promoters. Ask lots of questions on what would make them go back to use their services again or look elsewhere if dissatisfied with quality or customer service. Take notes when talking with others as it will help you find recommendations from someone else in case your first choice is unavailable or does not match up with your needs.

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