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hummer limo

The hummer limousine was manufactured by the US Army and first appeared in the car market in the early 1990’s. Since then, its popularity has grown considerably.

There are 2 different types of Hummer limousines, the H3 Hummer limousine, which is smaller and the H2 Hummer limousine which has a luxuriously spacious interior. If you’re looking for a ride that will make you feel like a business tycoon or A-list celebrity, the H2 Hummer limousine is the vehicle to choose.

The H2 Hummer limousine packs a wealth of features. It can fit up to 20 people. The hummers come in different colours including black, pink, white, silver, yellow and even more. It is equipped with several flat screen TVs, DVD/CD players, twin lasers, outside dancing opera lights, a mirrored ceiling with optic lighting, and much more. The windows are fully blacked out, and there is a privacy screen separating you from the chauffer so you can enjoy ultimate privacy during the ride. The great thing about the tinted windows of an H2 Hummer is that although people outside cannot see what’s inside, you can easily see what is going on outside.

The intercom enables you to communicate with the chauffer as necessary. The touch screen climate control and heating systems allow you to set the climate to your liking. There are also ice cold ACs available so you can stay cool even during the hottest of summer days.

The raised roof of the H2 Hummer limousine gives you plenty of headroom for ultimate comfort. The front bars and back bars of an H2 Hummer limousine feature champagne flutes, ice bins, champagne holders, and cocktail glasses. Some hummers even have a retractable roof.

There’s no better way to celebrate an event than inside of an H2 Hummer limousine. Many celebrations, ranging from weddings, proms, bar mitzvahs to anniversaries, corporate and sporting events can experience the ultimate in luxury and style aboard an H2 Hummer limousine.

When you are celebrating a special occasion and would like to do so aboard a spacious, luxurious ride, the H2 Hummer limo is ideal. Shopping around to different limousine rental companies is a good idea as a 2003 H2 Hummer does not compare to a 2007 H2 Hummer.

There are a couple of drawbacks from Hummer limos. They are extremely bulky and it may be difficult to find appropriate parking. Secondly, the rows of seating make it difficult to enter and exit the fleet. Overall though, you will feel like a movie star and will get noticed. Hummer limos are available throughout Toronto, Oakville, Burlington and Hamilton as well as Mississauga. When you are looking for an amazing limousine to rent, try a Hummer.

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