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What are the rules of etiquette when riding in a limo? When people think of Toronto Limo Service, they often think of celebrities and other famous people. However, many people consider renting limos one of the best ways to celebrate special occasions such as proms, weddings, parties, anniversaries, and more. Not only do they offer comfort, style, and convenience, but limos are also completely customizable with your choice of colors and decorations. Following these tips will ensure that you have the perfect experience every time you ride in a limo!

Know Number of Passengers in Advance

It is important to discuss with your driver in advance how many passengers will be riding in their limousine. It is necessary for both safety reasons and maximum comfort. If you are hosting a special event, it is often wise to rent multiple vehicles so that your guests can ride together comfortably. If you plan to drink alcohol while you are out on the town, some of your party members shouldn’t ride with you for everyone’s safety. You should also discuss food preferences in advance so that your driver knows whether or not there will be specific requests made on what type of food they should bring along for your travels.

Understand how to enter and exit the vehicle

Know when to get in and out of a limousine. Don’t just throw your body into the backseat, nor do you need to throw yourself out of it—Move-in and out slowly, smoothly, and confidently. If you’re meeting people in your limo, help everyone inside before you join them, so they don’t have to wonder where you are or if you even made it to their event. This is all part of making sure that your ride looks professional at all times—even when it isn’t moving!    

Don’t Mess With the Interior    

The interior of a limousine is no place for food, beverages, or toys. Keep your snacks and soda in a cooler to-go cup before stepping inside. And if you bring children with you, make sure they’re well behaved enough to sit on their hands until you reach your destination.

Don’t Disturb Your Driver 

 Distractions are dangerous for drivers of all types of vehicles—but they can be particularly problematic for drivers whose jobs entail driving large vehicles that may pose considerable safety risks even under normal conditions. If you need to do anything besides enjoy your ride, wait until you arrive at your destination before doing it.             


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Get Your Beverages and Food Authorized          

Before you enter a limousine for your ride, make sure that beverages and food are authorized. You don’t want to get to your destination only to be shocked by an overpriced bill! Unless you’re celebrating something, leave alcohol off of your list when riding in a limousine. Most companies have a cap on how much alcohol they allow their customers to bring on board, so keep your drinks light. And while drinking and driving is never a good idea, you should remember that there is no drinking and partying going on in some limousine options. You have transportation from point A to point B – party responsibly once you arrive at your destination.

Book a Limo as Per Your Party Group

Decide on how many people are going to be riding in your limousine, that way you’ll know how big of a vehicle to book. If you use a Toronto Limo Service for an airport transfer, then use one with pickup and drop-off areas located at both ends of your terminal. If you are traveling between different airports, find out if they offer shuttle services. If not, make sure you allow yourself enough time for the transfer.

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