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Most Limousine Rental Companies have already included gratuity in the price of the Limo Rental. Make sure to find out if they did or not. There is nothing worse for a limo driver to know he is spending his night with a bunch of unruly kids partying from prom and not getting paid for it.

Think of any special requests that your driver has done for you such as stopping by to get food or swinging by a beach. Your chauffeur needs to get taken care of.

Has your driver exceeded your expectations? Has he been very helpful, courteous and did his job perfectly…a little extra tip is in order.

Collect $5 from everyone in the limousine. You may have a better experience if you tip beforehand, not like the usual time at the end of the night. The driver will get an extra $30 to $60 on top of his contract and it will put him in a great mood right off the bat.

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