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Canada has been one of the unique destinations for enjoying a wholesome degree of entertainment options. However, choosing between your preferred locations within Canada can bee quite a cumbersome task. If you are stuck between the right choices for Toronto and Vancouver, the discussion here should be helpful enough for you in finding the best among them


The two cities are located 3300 kms apart and that makes them have different weather conditions. You would find the weather in Toronto going to the extremes. In winters, it can get extremely cold, and in summers it is hot as hell. You would also get a lot of humidity therein, making it a formidable hot temperature ever.

Vancouver, on other hand sees less slow and not that extreme. The rains here are quite abundant. You would get rains across 165 days of the year here. For some of you, that should definitely be a pleasant experience.

The People

Toronto has over 6 million population. Vancouver in caparison has 2.5 million. The Toronto is fast paced and busy. You will also find it quite multi cultured. The people in Toronto are hardworking and friendly.

Vancouver has more of a laidback lifestyle. The career mindedness observed in Toronto cannot be observed in Vancouver. You may not find the people that much friendly here.

The activities

In terms of events, Toronto offers you plenty of options and attractions. You would also find a huge number of concerts and events being held here. The impressive food scene is yet another great attraction that you would find quite impressive.

Vancouver is known for a laidback life and you may not have access to many events and activities. In case you are checking out the options for a relaxed life experience and itinerary, Vancouver can be your best destination.

Cost of living

If you are someone looking to shift too Canada, the cost of living in either of those two cities will assume a lot of essence and importance. Both of them are expensive destinations when you look at the housing costs and other per day living expenses.

However, Vancouver would edge out Toronto slightly in terms of rent, utilities and groceries. Even the salaries in Vancouver may be slightly lower, further aggravating the problem.

limo service toronto

Things to do

When you look at the things to do in the two cities, if you love the city life – Toronto is a great location for you. In sharp contrast, Vancouver is for those of you who are into outdoors and evening strolls.

For most of you, Toronto would ideally appear to be a great destination by several counts. If you are looking to move around Toronto and surrounding areas and enjoy what it has in store for you, it may be advisable to go with the best possible experience through the limo service in Toronto. They would offer you a high degree of service quality and assure you a professional and punctual service at its best to help you enjoy the serene atmosphere of the Toronto city and surrounding regions.

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